Social, Cultural, Geological, and Environmental Musings from Ecotopia

Knowledge for the sake of knowledge. The quest for knowledge has been a long term pursuit, something I embraced well before the trendy "life-long learning" concept was bandied about. And for me Geography is the ultimate interdisciplinary means of tying many schools of thought and practice together (despite protestations to the contrary from the Old Guard). Geographical study and analysis provides a larger view of our world and our place within it. As we learn more about how the world works, the art and science of geography goes beyond the overly simplistic definition of the study of human activity and our interaction with the environment. The goal of this site is to present our world as a systematic whole, a sum of the parts. It is no secret the human mind tends to only think of the spaces and places surrounding us in terms of how it relates and speaks to our experience. Due to the sheer size and scope of this planet we call home, it is far easier for us to see the trees rather than the forest.

A blog is the ultimate self-aggrandizing act, but this is my humble attempt to help connect the bigger global picture to daily life. It is a means of sharing the information, science, and factoids I run across about the Earth and our interactions with the environment. These are the tidbits and musings that just don't belong on social media sites or in chain letter e-mails. In short, this is my very public attempt to make sense of my accumulating knowledge and the questions that result.

Oh, and all due credit for the term "ecotopia" goes to Joel Garreau from his work The Nine Nations of North America (1981).